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Additional Explaination for Rules

„Warrior“ (As mentioned in cards „Traitors“, „Betrayal“ and some more) refers to „Nordic Warriors“ and „Nordic Veterans“ alike.

Longboats have 2 hit points.

Additional Loot Cards  in „Loki's fortune“ and „Poor Loot“ are always drawn from one of the stacks from which you have already drawn a card, you can not just go ahead and upgrade your loot.
You draw your additional cards always from one of the stacks from which you will have to draw a card anyway.

Event Cards and their effect always apply to all players (Wolfpack, Jörmungandr and some more where this question may arise), except if stated differently (Baerserker and some more)

Rulebook Questions

If a Longboat gets destroyed in battle, what happens to the warriors it carried?
The warriors fight on land, so they will not get any damage aswell. However, if you do not have enough boats to carry all your warriors, you may have to leave some behind! These warriors will be removed from the game. It might be advisable to bring an additional boat to fights that endanger your ships!

Additional Explaination for Cards

Plague: The Plague moves on to the next building, it never affects multiple buildings at the same time

Benevolence of the Gods
Heimdall's Teeth and Hraelsvelgr: You can play these cards at any time, even if you have already rolled a die.
In the case that Heimdall's Teeth is played after the dice have already been rolled, the player who played the card is fully treated as if he would have rolled the highest number. This also means that the player to his left gets to pick the next town card.