Dodoresque Press Release

With DODORESQUE, Tetrahedron Games are about to bring their second Board Game to Kickstarter.

The campaign will go live on the 20th of June.

The Game
DODORESQUE is a card game for 2-4 players. Each player takes the role of a Dodo, whose goal is to build the prettiest nest on the island, in order to attract a mate. To do so, the Dodos will have to go on adventures, exchange goods and overcome all kinds of obstacles.

Finding nest materials is easy, but to bring them home to your nest, you will need the right action cards aswell. To compete with your neighbours, you will have to hunt for different combinations of type and material and always keep your eyes peeled for more valuables.

While the game progresses, you will have to take bigger risks to reach your goal, but be careful! If your Dodo gets hurt along the way, you will maybe not be able to finish building your nest!

The game is easy to learn and is played in 15-20 minutes, so there is always time for another round. To learn more about the Game, check out the campaign at Kickstarter.

The Campaign
DODORESQUE will run on Kickstarter for just 7 days.

An Early Bird special for a reduced price will be available for 48 hours, to reward those, who support the project the most by backing before anybody else does.

There are no stretch goals or any built in addons in the campaign and shipping is free, worldwide.

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